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WeatherBill Receives $12.5 Million for Their Weather Contracts
October 19, 2007What does WeatherBill do?

WeatherBill allows you to bet against the weather and cover your self with contracts as a form of insurance.

VCU says:

Interesting site and service. WeatherBill explains their service the best:

WeatherBill is the first service to provide affordable and easy-to-use weather coverage to protect revenue and control costs for the millions of businesses impacted by the weather.

However unlike insurance, there is no unnecessary paperwork, no claims process, no proof-of-loss and no waiting for payment. WeatherBill allows you to customize, price and buy weather coverage online in just minutes, and pays automatically when bad weather occurs.

As an example, you can purchase a contract right now and choose a location, a weather station, a price to be paid based on weather increasing or decreasing past your chosen temperature, and receive a contract price. A form of speculation or betting?

See the WeatherBill site here.




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