SezWho Received $1.5 Million for Their Review and Reputation Service

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SezWho Received $1.5 Million for Their Review and Reputation Service
November 1, 2007What does SezWho do?

SezWho is a distributed context, rating and reputation service for blogs, forums, wikis and other social sites.

VCU says:

Essentially SezWho allows you to show a profile on your site of the individual that posted and commented on your site. This profile follows the individual around to various sites and shows all the comments and postings they have made.

The value to the individual contributor is to show all their comments and content they have contributed to, as well as a ranking to build their own reputation. Take a look at the profile that is generated below:

The benefit to the website using the code is that the individual posting on your site will post on other sites as well. When their posts are viewed elsewhere along with their SezWho profile it shows a history of their posts and will include the post from your site. Hopefully this drives traffic back to your site, they claim 10-15% of the time your content is viewed in a profile it drives traffic to your site.

To use on your website you install their plug-in for WordPress and Movable Type.





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