Phanfare Received $2.5 Million for Photo and Video Storage / Sharing

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Phanfare Received $2.5 Million for Photo and Video Storage / Sharing
November 22, 2007What does Phanfare do?

Phanfare is a site to synchronize, store, and share your photos and videos making them available for you anywhere.

VCU says:

Phanfare is a service for your photos and videos, a paid service so you do not need to deal with advertisements. Your videos and photos are managed on your computer through an application just as you probably do today. These photos are then synchronized to the online site and service for you to eliminate the double work on your part.

Once the videos and photos are synchronized online you can share them or keep them private. A unique video feature is their ability to convert your videos to flash for easier/faster online videos and at the same time store the higher resolution video as well. Therefore you and others can view the video online easily and the originals are also available if you would like to download them at any time.

Their service is an interesting way to backup and share your photos for access anywhere.

Take a look at Phanfare.


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