Mobile Posse Received $10 Million for Mobile Advertising

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Mobile Posse Received $10 Million for Mobile Advertising
December 14, 2007What does Mobile Posse do?

Mobile Posse is a provider of mobile advertising and content solutions.

VCU says:

Mobile Posse sends advertisers messages to mobile phone subscribers. Mobile Posse intends to expand their business by working with carriers.

The business model is for subscribers to save on their monthly phone bills if they opt in to receive the ads.

For carriers they claim a new revenue stream that requires no additional investment in carrier infrastructure and is turn-key to implement.

For advertisers they claim brands can radically expand reach, awareness, effectiveness, and conversion rates by transforming the mobile phone into a personal, valuable advertising medium that consumers want to use. How Mobile Posse intends to fulfill this vision is to enable a highly personal and targeted connection with consumers on an unparalleled scale, and deliver highly measurable, quantifiable and immediate results.

For consumers Mobile Posse assures they opt-in.

Take a look at Mobile Posse.




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